Protect Your Kids in Cyberspace

Bullying is no longer something that happens face-to-face in the schoolyard.

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It's a parent's worst nightmare-a predator is stalking your child in the privacy of your own home.

Here are tips to keep young surfers safe:

  • Location, location, location-place the computer in a main room in your home, not in a bedroom. That way, using the computer is a "public" activity.

  • Set times for computer use and make sure your child is not on the computer at the expense of other activities, such as playing with friends.

  • Make computer time family time. Let your child sit in on your computer use the way you would sit in on theirs. Set an example of how to use the computer safely.

  • Monitor the content your child accesses. This may mean sitting in on all the surfing sessions, or investing in a service or software that limits your child's access to certain types of content.

  • If your child meets a friend online, make a point to find out what your child knows about that friend. Use the same criteria to evaluate their "cyberbuddies" the way you would evaluate their friends at the playground or at school.

  • Screen all of your child's e-mail if your child is under 14 years of age