Access to Mental Health Services

One in every five children suffers from a serious mental health condition, and can often live a productive life at home, school, and in society with proper evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment. Yet, each year, only 20 percent of children with psychiatric illness are diagnosed and receive mental health services.

Mental illness is like any other disease. Early identification and treatment means better outcomes.

Free the Future

Much can and should be done to improve the future for these children, including enhanced efforts to reduce the stigma of mental illness; increased access and availability of services; better parent and teacher education; restoration of public services; parity with medical care and coverage; and early identification and intervention measures.

Every child should be free to pursue their goals and dreams, but for the millions of kids suffering from mental illness, the future is uncertain. As the leader in researching, diagnosing and treating mental illness in children and adolescents, Bradley Hospital is paving the way to a better life and a better future for children and their families. Thousands of families in New England have learned the difference Bradley Hospital can make in a child's life. Below are stories from a few of those families.