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  • Incredible Years: Positive Parenting for Challenging Kids

    • Does your child seem extremely difficult or challenging to parent?

    • Does your child have a low frustration tolerance?

    • Does your child almost always say "No!" or ignore you?

    • Is your child often angry, aggressive, or impulsive?

    • Does your child seem detached or to lack empathy for others?

    If you have concerns about your child's behavior, this program can help.

    Incredible Years

    Bradley Hospital is offering the Incredible Years, a research-based program that has proved effective in helping parents reduce children’s aggression and behavior problems and increase social competence at home and school. The Incredible Years is designed to promote positive parenting strategies and to assist parents in managing behavior problems. The program can help families whose children have oppositional defiant disorder, attention/impulsivity problems, aggressive behaviors, mood/anxiety disorders, autism spectrum disorders, and difficulty adjusting to adoption.

    Parents who join will learn how to:

    • Help children be successful in school and well behaved at home
    • Solve common problems like “melt downs” and fighting
    • Respond to misbehavior without yelling
    • Improve the parent-child relationship
    • Feel more confident and less stressed as a parent

    A primary parent or caretaker is registered for the group. A partner, spouse, or other co-parent is also invited to participate. Registration is open year-round


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