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  • The COAST Clinic

  • Coast_ballsCommunication, Occupational and Sensory Treatment Clinic (COAST) is a highly specialized program available at Bradley Hospital.

    The program is for children and adolescents with sensory processing disorder. Additional services are provided for speech, language and/or another disorder that impacts home and community functioning, or for those who require further exploration of how their sensory processing systems impact their speech, language and practical life skills in the home and community settings.

    Why COAST?

    Our five senses transmit a bewildering array of information every minute. Most children and adolescents can organize this sensory information and communicate their wants, needs and thoughts. Yet some struggle with this process. Without the ability to use their senses to form a composite picture of their physical selves, as well as of their surrounding environment, it is difficult for them to communicate and function successfully in their home and community settings. We are a multidisciplinary team that specializes in the needs of these children and adolescents. 

    About Us

    COAST kitchenThe COAST Clinic includes certified and licensed occupational therapists and speech-language pathologists who specialize in working with children and adolescents with sensory processing difficulties and an associated communication disorder. We stress a collaborative approach that involves families and caregivers in setting functional goals and developing strategies for progress.

    Our staff is experienced in working with a broad spectrum of behaviors, from severely challenging to more specific sensory processing issues. Each child or adolescent is an individual, and we work with families and caregivers to design individual treatment programs that meet a wide range of needs.

    Our facilities include a sensory room with a vast array of sensory-based equipment (ball pit, wall mirror, padded surfaces, gross and fine motor games and suspended swings). We are fully equipped with a therapeutic kitchen so that our patients may practice the real life skills that they will need. The clinic has adjustable temperature, noise and lighting controls to provide the optimum functional environment. Additionally, our rooms are equipped with cameras, so caregivers can observe treatment sessions from private viewing areas; sessions can also be recorded for further analysis.

    COAST Bouncing  
    Our Services

    • A functional occupational therapy and/or speech-language evaluation
    • Working with parents or primary caregivers to develop a more complete understanding of a child's sensory system and offering strategies and/or adaptations to encourage progress and success
    • Establishment of a treatment program designed to enhance functioning in home and community environments through successful participation, self-help and play/leisure activities
    • Treatment offered in both individual and group therapy sessions
    • Duration of treatment based on the functional goals of each individual child

    A Partnership With CVS Caremark 

    The COAST Clinic was made possible by the generosity of CVS Caremark Charitable Trust, whose philanthropy enabled Bradley Hospital to create this functional and therapeutic space.

    Contact Us

    To make a referral or to learn more about our services, please call the clinic coordinator at 401-432-1119.