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  • Healthful Leisure

  • A Little Leisure Might Be Just What Your Family Needs

    Families today are bombarded by potentially stress-provoking situations. Parents may juggle jobs, chores, child-care, care of older parents and much more, so it's not surprising that many people don't make time for leisure. Yet even a little leisure time can be one of the most healing remedies for emotionally drained families.

    Leisure: Different Things to Different People

    Leisure is personal time during which you are free from obligations. This freedom from any "must do" activity results in a choice-a personal decision about how to spend your time.

    Leisure reinforces emotional well-being. The idea is to fill your free time doing something you like-not only recreation, but activities such as reading, spending time with friends, writing letters, playing a musical instrument or simply spending time alone.

    The options are limitless. What all leisure choices have in common is an opportunity to enhance the value of being a human being through personal choice and decision making.