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    Why is leisure important?

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    A Little Leisure Might Be Just What Your Family Needs

    Families today are bombarded by potentially stress-provoking situations. Parents may juggle jobs, chores, child-care, care of older parents and much more, so it's not surprising that many people don't make time for leisure. Yet even a little leisure time can be one of the most healing remedies for emotionally drained families. 

    Leisure: Different Things to Different People

    Leisure is personal time during which you are free from obligations. This freedom from any "must do" activity results in a choice-a personal decision about how to spend your time.

    Leisure reinforces emotional wellbeing. The idea is to fill your free time doing something you like-not only recreation, but activities such as reading, spending time with friends, writing letters, playing a musical instrument or simply spending time alone.

    The options are limitless. What all leisure choices have in common is an opportunity to enhance the value of being a human being through personal choice and decision making.  

    Why leisure is important

    Professional Help
    Can Get You Started

    Family habits are formed over many years. You might one day realize that your family expectations aren't met. It can seem like an impossible task to change things.

    Don't despair. Most family problems are normal. However, if you feel helpless or overwhelmed, you can call Bradley Hospital anytime at 401-432-1364. Bradley's professionals can help with individual or family counseling. Expert help can prevent manageable problems from becoming obstacles to a well-balanced life.