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  • Limiting Television

  • Television is a popular activity choice with parents and children. When Golova and High interviewed 250 Providence, RI parents of children ages one month to three years, the popularity was clear. 23 percent of parents said that watching television and videos was one of their child's three favorite activities. 12 percent of parents admitted that watching TV and videos with their child was one of their three favorite activities to do with their child. 7 percent use TV and videos as a preparation tool for school.

    Though television is popular, it should be limited for young children. Children under two should not be exposed to television. Once your child is over the age of two, television should be limited to no more than one to two hours, and the content should be educational. Of course, reading to your children is always preferable to putting them in front of the television.

    There are numerous psychological reasons for the recommended restriction of television viewing for young children. Television has been shown to:

    • Increase aggressive behavior and the acceptance of violence
    • Obscure the distinction between reality and fantasy
    • Trivialize sex and sexuality
    • Have a link with obesity, poor school performance, attention issues and sleep difficulties
    • Take time away from talking and building relationships