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  • Teen Anxiety Group (TAG)

    • Does your teen miss out on things that other teens are doing, such as playing sports, hanging out with friends or going to school?

    • Does your teen often think that others are watching or judging him or her, or fear making mistakes or embarrassing himself or herself?

    • Does he or she worry all the time? Feel stressed or tense?

    • Does your teen often feel sick with headaches or stomach aches?

    For teens with anxiety, TAG can help.

    social skills

    Teens and parents are invited to participate in a weekly anxiety management group. During each session, teens will participate in an interactive lesson and practice activities based on cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies for managing anxiety. Parents will meet separately to discuss strategies to encourage and support teens to practice cognitive behavioral strategies outside of the group sessions. Groups will meet weekly for 10 weeks.

    Registration is open year round. Groups are filled based on age, clinical presentation and best fit with other group members.


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