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    Abbe Garcia, PhD, clinical co-director of the Intensive Program for OCD at Bradley Hospital, describes the OCD Summer Program. Learn more about the program.

    The Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) Summer Programs at Bradley Hospital provide children and adolescents intensive, focused treatment with summer fun and activities. The programs are designed for children ages 8 through 18 whose lives are significantly affected by OCD.

    For two weeks, our nationally renowned OCD experts provide intensive treatment to help youth achieve marked gains toward alleviating OCD symptoms. Expected outcomes help improve daily functioning and promote further involvement in school, social and family activities. The intensive-treatment model is an effective care option for children and adolescents who have not responded to traditional outpatient treatment or who lack specialized OCD services where they live.

    An opportunity to explore, grow

    Childhood and adolescence are typically times of imagination, exploration and possibility; however, OCD can distort a young person’s sense of self and dreams for the future.

    The OCD Summer Program’s care team is focused on freeing each child from fear and allowing him or her to rediscover the joy of learning and enthusiasm for new experiences. Our clinicians have extensive experience treating children and adolescents with OCD, including expertise in the use of exposure and response prevention (ERP).

    The treatment of choice for individuals with OCD, ERP strengthens a child’s ability to manage anxiety by gradually facing fears and reducing the repetitive rituals of OCD. Youth will participate in ERP exercises that are tailored to meet individual treatment goals. Many of the exercises will take place in the context of summer fun activities, including sports, swimming and art projects. Daytrips to the beach, the zoo and other locations in the Ocean State will provide opportunities to practice new skills in the community.

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